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Interviews & Recordings

Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie

This was a great show. Michael, a 27 year old young man talks about how he picked himself up, changed his perspective on life, created two businesses, become involved in a meaningful relationship and respects himself, all this year! He also speaks how he was supported in that effort by his Mom (Dena Marie) and my book, The Key to LIFE;living in full expression. Meaningful and inspiring conversation throughout the entire show. Enjoy. Jim shares how what Michael did is available to everyone who is ready to take ownership of their life and is willing to do what is required for life to be what they have a strong desire for it to be.

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Live Interview on WTTG- Fox Channel 5 Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Success Insight Podcast with host Howard Fox

Listen in as Howard and Jim discuss everything “Living in full expression.” What does it mean? How do you incorporate living in full expression into your daily life? How has Jim come to his understanding of living in full expression? Thought provoking, life changing.

Live Your True Life Perspectives with Ashley Berges

Living In Full Expression’s Jim Phillips , joins Ashley Berges on an all-new edition of Perspectives with Ashley Berges to deeply discuss life, the challenges of life, the four pillars of life, the true meaning of purpose, along with timely nuggets of wisdom to help us through challenging times.

Shower Epiphanies- Drop the Mic Moments with Art Costello

It’s alarming how we’re so restrained as humanity concerning the way we live our truth. Not only that we’re living out of alignment but that we become slaves to societal norms and morals. In this episode, Art and Jim Phillips, the author of The Key To LIFE: Living In Full Expression talk about reclaiming our power to fully express ourselves. Jim differentiates being critical as opposed to being judgmental about ourselves. He also defines what soul is and how to nurture it, and what it means to live to the fullest expression of ourselves.

Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie

Life strategist, speaker, and the author of the groundbreaking release, The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression, Jim Phillips, joins Dena Marie on an all-new edition of Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW’s Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie. Jim shares how to connect with the divine during the current climate, tips on how to be true to yourself and live your life in full expression, with passion and purpose, how teachers and mentors can support your journey, plus much more

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Break Through Walls with Ken Walls

Conscious Cool Chic Radio — with Molly McCord

Jim Phillips speaks with Molly McCord, a Consciousness Catalyst, whose Spiritual Awakening began in 2002. She shares her gifts as a writer, author, intuitive, astrologer, messenger, and teacher in this weekly show.

Jim shares whey there never has there been a time in the history of humanity when there was a greater need to understand who we are, and why we are here.

Best of the Best Inspiration Daily — with Gail Lynne Goodwin