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The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care

Stress Relief…t might be the world’s biggest issue in terms of health and wellness.

This book offers 25 tools from experts, including Jim Phillips, in mind, body, soul, and spirit health and wellness to guide you. Along with their personal stories of transformation you’ll have a section in each chapter where you’ll be taught a practical tool you can begin today. Maybe there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything?

You’ll feel the relief and surprise as you move through these powerful pages…because everyone deserves to feel hope and empowerment.

Learn about meditation, nutrition, gratitude practices, healing toxic relationships, mental de-cluttering, emotional mastery, forgiveness, and so many more life-changing modalities.

Get your copy today, and start the journey!


The Key to LIFE: Living In Full Expression 

a must read for anyone who thirsts for richer, fuller, more rewarding life experiences and all of the goodness life has to offer. This thirst can only be quenched by living in full expression and experience of one’s Self.   READ MORE…  



From Inspiration to Intention

a must read for anyone who has at some point in their life been inspired to do something but for reasons mostly unknown did not follow through on that inspiration. The key lies is one’s intention, not only at the moment of inspiration, but throughout the process of consistently breathing life into the inspiration while seeing it through to its fulfillment.  READ MORE…



Becoming the Keys

is the third in the Key Movies trilogy by award winning producer Robin Jay and director Michael Su starring Dr. Joe Vitale (The Secret) , Dannion Brinkley (Saved by the Light), don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Michael Bernard Beckwith, Marci Shimoff, John Gray (Men are from Mars Women are from Venus) and LIFE STRATEGY EXPERT JIM PHILLIPS.

Follow the lives of Sophia and Emma as they encounter the Council (don Miguel Ruiz, Dannion Brinkley and Dr. Joe Vitale) and 13 featured experts who share their personal stories and wisdom leading them to the a profound truth of life, “Life always happens for you, not to you.”