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Articles By Jim Phillips

The Fall of Humanity

The fall of humanity is a metaphor for a season in our lives, a time of transition and reflection. By simply being aware of what Fall represents in Nature, as one of her many expressions, we are shown how we might live in full expression by enjoying, embracing, and allowing what life offers for that full expression. This became very clear to me during an early morning walk when I observed Nature in transition as Summer steps aside to invite Fall’s full expression.

This transition is definitely being reflected in the changing temperatures and even more so through the leaves on the trees as they have been transitioning from the greens of Summer to the golds, reds and oranges of the Fall, to their final expression of brown. It is then their initial purpose has been served and they fall from the tree revealing the bare canvas upon which Spring will paint her masterpiece.

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3 Steps To Move From Feardom to Freedom

There is no right path or wrong path; there is only your path.  Seldom will you hear such freeing words.  Seldom will you experience such fear.

Fear?  Why would you experience fear when you accept that your path is your own and you can live as you choose?  Why would you experience fear when you have released yourSelf from the constraints of living up to the expectations of others and society?

Understanding Feardom

The term to describe this condition is “feardom.” According to Urban Dictionary, feardom is “the state of having freedom, but being afraid of expressing it.”…



Stripped and Fully Exposed...

As I consider my life’s journey to this moment, what I have accomplished, and what I have experienced, I realized that the most rewarding experiences are those when I am stripped and fully exposed.

Some of you might question what I mean by stripped and fully exposed, and for some it will conjure images of a middle-aged man with no clothes on.

For that, I am sorry!

What I am speaking of is removing the clothes of humanity and stripping off the doubts, the fears and the limitations of being human. Instead, you should be fully exposed and present to your magnificence…

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The Sexy, Seductive Side Of LIFE...

We might not think of life as being sexy or seductive when we think of life as the cumulative events that occur around the world and within our individual lives.

Especially, when we see or experience those that are challenging or difficult.

However, life is sexy and seductive when the word LIFE is used as the acronym for Living In Full Expression. LIFE is being, creating, experiencing and expressing the grandest version of one’s Self in any given moment under any set of circumstances.



Crossing The Threshold | Inspire Me Today

When you are inspired to do something, whatever it is in you that calls to be expressed, answer the call.

Be bold; cross the threshold into uncertainty with the joyous anticipation that you are in fact stepping into your magnificence. And that whatever results will benefit you and others, otherwise you would not have been inspired in the first place.

Most of us will not have our life play out in the public eye on Earth’s big stage.

Most of us will not discover a cure for a major disease or invent something that changes the way we live. But we are all significant and relevant; otherwise we would not be here.