The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care- 25 Tools for Stress Relief


Stress Relief…

…it might be the world’s biggest issue in terms of health and wellness.

This book offers 25 tools from experts, including Jim Phillips, in mind, body, soul, and spirit health and wellness to guide you. Along with their personal stories of transformation you’ll have a section in each chapter where you’ll be taught a practical tool you can begin today.
Maybe there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything?
You’ll feel the relief and surprise as you move through these powerful pages…
…because everyone deserves to feel hope and empowerment.

Learn about meditation, nutrition, gratitude practices, healing toxic relationships, mental de-cluttering, emotional mastery, forgiveness, and so many more life-changing modalities. This guide will become your go to resource when it comes to stress relief, peace of mind and overall well-being. The actual price of the book is $17.95. Price shown of $20.95 includes shipping and handling.

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