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AnaMaria Duran, Sterling VA

Ana_MaryBefore I began working with Jim I was feeling very depressed and unsure of myself. My self confidence was low and I was constantly fighting feelings of rejection.

Since working with Jim I have gained clarity on what I want, and on what I am capable of doing. I have a renewed sense of self worth and appreciation for who I am.

I’ve realized that being true to myself and making decisions based on what I want for my business and life is what is most important to me.  I have learned to trust myself. I have much more faith in myself and am no longer as concerned with the opinions and expectations of others.

Jim is a gifted listener who offers different perspectives that enable me to find the best possible solution. This has had a tremendous impact on my work, especially during this period of transition for me as I renew my real estate career after a two year absence. He is always positive and encouraging in his approach and always sees things from the perspective that everything has a benefit even when it appears to be a challenge.

His positive attitude and outlook is very contagious. His passion for helping others is self evident in the way he cares and expresses his desire for my personal success and well-being.

The truth is Jim is awesome, I totally trust him as my coach. I love his approach, the way he listens and how he understands my feelings and concerns. You couldn’t ask for a better coach!