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Living in full expression is, or should be, the way we approach each day, in fact each moment. If we are not in full expression  we are denying ourselves the love, beauty, passion, and in my opinion the very reason for living.  When we live in full expression we are true to ourselves, expressing who we know our selves to be in that moment. It is letting who we are, our authentic self, to be seen, enjoyed, embraced, experienced and appreciated by all. And more importantly it is our seeing, enjoying, embracing, experiencing and appreciating ourselves for who we are and are in the process of becoming.

We know we are in full expression by how we feel and the way life flows to and through us. We do not get caught up in the drama of life but look at every situation, challenging or otherwise, as another opportunity to grow and evolve.  As author Neale Donald Walsch states in his trilogy, Conversations with GOD, “we should always be creating (expressing) the grandest version of the greatest vision we hold of ourselves and our lives.”  Each moment invites this full expression.

My dear friend and mentor, Christen McCormack is holding a gathering this weekend (June 26, 2011) entitled “Living in Full Expression. For those in the Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC areas I invite you to check out this event by clicking on the above link and  attending if at all possible.  Not only will you experience the peace and beauty of the Virginia mountains and countryside, but you will be in the company of other like-minded people while being guided in life enriching conversation by a very gifted and loving teacher in Christen.

As I end this post I want to point out something that might not at first be obvious to you, but that I am sure you will find of interest. If you look at the title, Living in Full Expression you will see that the first letter in each word spells Life.  Another indication perhaps that this is truly what we are here to do.

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