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I am sure most of you have more than enough blogs you can read and follow, so why this one? Well to be honest, creating this blog has been debated for quite some time. So why now?  A primary reason is that in delivering  several presentations recently on “Shattering the Illusions of Limiting Beliefs”, I realized that one of my limiting beliefs was not trusting in what I believe and know, and how it can be of benefit to others. Trusting in one’s self and being true to one’s self are key to shattering limiting beliefs.

So here I am writing this blog and shattering those illusions that have held me back for so long.  Another reason for writing is the number of questions raised and comments made about the posts (quotes, etc.) on that warranted further clarification. A blog format allows for quick explanations, clarification and a place for reader comment if desired.  Additionally, an ongoing theme will be how our thoughts influence our life experiences.

“It is through the awareness of the influence of our thoughts on our life experiences
 that we are empowered to intentionally create life experiences we most desire”

I am excited about these writings and look forward to sharing what I believe can be life enriching information. And I look forward to your ideas and suggestions that will be of benefit to all who follow this blog.

Until next time….


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  • Marty says:

    Loved your post on “To thine own self be true.” This is a quote that I have learned to apply to my life over the years. I even had it engraved on a ring I wear as a reminder. I firmly believe living our own truth allows us to be fully present to those we love and in service to others. It is “all about me” as you said; it has to be. The spiritual or interior walk is a solo journey for each one of us no matter how large our circle of family and friends is.

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