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It is amazing to me the thoughts I have while walking in the early morning hours. It is a time when all is quiet, my mind is as clear as the crisp fall air and the thoughts drop in. Many times it is a thought of a single word that will expand into its meaning. Other times it will expand into a specific message that can be delivered through the use of this singular word.

This morning was no different. As I began my walk I was struck with the word enough. Enough. That’s it, enough. And while we all have a basic understanding of the word enough, I want to make sure it is understood in the same way by offering a dictionary meaning:

e·nough 1.adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire

From this thought of the word enough my mind expanded to ask, “when is enough, enough, or is it?” When is enough of what, enough? I immediately was given the thought of enough war, enough hatred, enough suffering,enough famine, enough pain. Haven’t we experienced sufficient  war, hatred, suffering and pain to satisfy the purpose or need for which they were intended.

Or have we? If we have had enough of these experiences why do we continue to create them? Yes, create them. They don’t just happen, we create them.  And if we have had enough why don’t we create new experiences that are beneficial to all, not just for some, but for everyone?

My thoughts then went to love, peace, compassion, food, water, shelter, clothing and prosperity. There is more than enough of these things for everyone on the planet. Why then doesn’t everyone on the planet have enough? I mean, if there is enough, more than enough, why doesn’t everyone have enough? Why do some have more than enough and others not enough? Haven’t we had enough of this kind of thinking and living?

What if one morning everyone woke up and said, “enough.”  Enough war! Enough hatred! Enough suffering! Enough pain! We have experienced enough of these things to satisfy the need or purpose for which they were intended, what ever that intention was. What if on that same morning all of humanity woke up and said, “enough.” There’s enough love!. There’s enough peace! There’s enough compassion! Enough food, water, shelter and prosperity for all!

And with the declaration that there is enough for everyone we allow these things to be.  We allow and take the necessary actions so that these things that are not meant for any one, but for everyone, can be shared.  And yes, there are those who would say this is impossible or that it would be too difficult to do. And I say, enough of the negative, limiting thinking that has resulted in the conditions we now experience throughout the world. Enough excuses.

Now is it realistic to think that everyone will wake up one morning and make this declaration? And if we did, is it realistic to think that everyone will take the necessary steps to allow these things to be? Probably not, but here’s the key. It doesn’t take everyone, it just takes you. It takes each individual to declare that enough is enough for them.

It is a simple question asked daily of oneself, “What is it I can do today to make a difference?”  What is it that I have, can, and am willing to share?  This doesn’t mean that it has to be something that is played out on the world’s stage, although it might be. It just means that a conscious choice is made and subsequent actions taken to better one’s life, your life, with the intention that it be done in the highest and best good for all.

Now you might be thinking or asking yourself the question, “well how can I do that? How can I possibly do things to better my life that will be in the highest and best good for all?” The answer is that you don’t have to know how, you just set the intention and the how will be presented.

And in doing so we will once again we find ourselves at a point of choice. All that we experience in life is a matter of choice, our choice. We can choose to follow the guidance we are given to better our lives in ways that are in the highest and best good for all or not.

But how will I know if the choice I make is in the highest and best good for all? You know because of the heartfelt feelings behind the choice. I cannot tell you how it will feel, or how it should feel because it cannot be described in words, only experienced. You have had the experience, we all have. You will know through who you are being in the moment of choice that it is in the highest and best good for all and therefore the highest and best choice possible.

So here I am about to close out another blog post with the words, enough already, ringing in my ears. OK, I hear you, I hear you! And yet I will pose the question one more time, “When is enough, enough?”  When is what we experience enough to satisfy the need for which it was intended? Perhaps the passing of enough time will tell.

Until next time,
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