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3 Key Strategies for Minimizing Life’s Difficulties; the power of choice

By October 12th, 2017No Comments

Isn’t it interesting how we complain about what shows up in life when in truth we are responsible for it showing up. Yes, I know you didn’t choose the boss you have, but you did choose the job and you are now choosing to remain there.

“But I can’t just quit. I have responsibilities.” The fact of the matter is you can quit. Whether you choose to quit is once again your choice. There is nothing that would prevent you from quitting other than your thoughts and beliefs about what might happen if you do. You are the ultimate authority in your life. You choose what you will and will not do under all circumstances. What you do not choose are the consequences of your choices

As I state in The Key to LIFE, life in and of itself is difficult. It is intended to be so we can measure and experience the extent of our personal power. However, life is also quite simple. There is nothing distracting it or holding it back. Life doesn’t question how or what to do; it just is. It flows whether we are in flow with it or not. It is humanity that brings complexity to life. We try to make it conform to us instead of embracing all life has to offer in the way it is offered. If we were to be fully present to life as it unfolds in each moment we would see a natural, simple process. Life unfolds as it unfolds, not as it should, but as it does, perfectly.

If we stop making choices that take us further from what we say we desire, we would find life presenting to us more of what we desire. I use the word “we” to represent the individual and collective choices that are made. Each of us is the authority in our respective lives, however, as we each choose we impact the whole of humanity. As an example, if we each choose to be peaceful the world would be at peace.  If we choose to honor and respect one another for who we truly are we would have no discrimination.

There are 3 simple strategies that will make life simpler and less complex. We will still experience difficulty however. It is an integral part of the process that contributes to the progressive realization of the truth of who we are, the purpose of life.

Strategy number 1. What do you want to experience? This is the ultimate choice you get to make in every moment. Be clear on what you want to create and experience in the present moment as well as how you want your life to unfold during this current *souljourn. Each conscious choice will lead to the life experiences you desire.

“If you don’t know what you want,
you accept and attend to what shows up.”

Strategy number 2. Why do you want to experience it? If you don’t understand and embrace your compelling reason(s) for the experiences of life you desire, you will not make the choices necessary for creating those experiences. “

“If you don’t know why you want what you want,
you won’t do much to get it.”

Strategy number 3. Choose wisely. What choice(s) will consistently lead you to your desired experience? In every moment you are at a point of choice. Most of the choices you make are made subconsciously, however when you are clear on what you want to experience and why you want the experience, you can consciously make choices that lead to the desired experience.

Is it really that simple? Yes, it is. However, we are all subject to the vagaries of life. In truth, this is one of the most compelling reasons for being here on earth. The fact that at any moment we are subject to debilitating injuries or illness, severe economic hardship, loss and heartbreak. And yet, these life events are what provide the greatest opportunities to experience and express the truth of who we are. All of which brings me back to the point of choice. If we know and accept that life in and of itself is difficult, why do we make choices that make it more so?

Be conscious of what you desire and why you desire it. Make choices that are consistent with your desire(s) and allow the Universe to provide what it is compelled to provide that supports your desires being experienced.

*souljourn: the life experience of a soul during each incarnation in human form.