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Of all of the topics that I am asked to write on, or that come up as a result of a coaching session, life’s purpose is the most requested. It would seem that many, if not most, of us have this yearning to fulfill some purpose in life that we feel exists, yet we can’t quite put our finger on it. Or more importantly, our attention and intention.

One’s life purpose is not something outside of oneself nor is it unknown to the individual who seeks to find and fulfill it.

We have been led to believe, and have come to accept, that one’s life purpose is what we do in the world. While what someone does in the world is important and can be of benefit to many, many people, one’s true life purpose is the living in full expression of who they truly are regardless of what they do.

Without doubt this is magnified when someone living in full expression is engaged in what they are most passionate about. The appearance is that the activity is their life purpose, when in truth, it is who they are and how they express who they are that is their life’s purpose. It is the expression of the Soul fully engaged in life through whatever form of expression is chosen.

So I ask you, what is it you are most passionate about? What is it that when you are fully engaged in you lose all sense of time and self? What is it that brings you the greatest joy and freedom?

And yes, I suggest that you pursue and express what it is within that longs to be expressed, however know that what desires to be expressed is not your life’s purpose. It is a vehicle that allows or provides for the expression of your Self. Your life’s purpose is your full expression of your Self as you express and experience that which longs to be expressed.

A concern around pursuing one’s passion and therefore giving it expression is that, “I can’t make enough money doing this “thing” to live on. I have to work full time in my career and therefore don’t have time to experience and express my passion.

Who said that your passion had to pay the bills? I believe we use this as an excuse, perhaps subconsciously, not to pursue what yearns to be expressed within us.

What if no one likes what I do? What if someone makes fun of me? What if, what if, what if..blah,blah, blah..

Whose passion are you pursing and for whom are you pursuing it? Your passion has nothing to do with anyone else. It might benefit others, however, you pursue your passion because it allows for the greatest experience and expression of you for you. Period.

I had a conversation with a very dear friend a few days ago. She was encouraged to paint as a method of tapping into her innate creativity (we all have innate creativity). To my knowledge she had never really been into painting pictures of any kind but took the suggestion, bought a small canvas, some paint and other art supplies and then she painted.

What she painted is not important, although it is quite beautiful and a true representation of what is within her and awaiting expression. Her excitement and joy in describing the experience of releasing this creativity was amazing. And now she can’t wait to get to the next painting each time she finishes one.

Is painting her life’s purpose, or is the full expression and experience of her creativity through the painting her life’s purpose? Is what she does through painting going to benefit others? Yes, but not in the way we might initially think.

What my friend does through her painting serves as a demonstration to others that it is OK to engage in what allows for the expression of joy and freedom, the expression of one’s passion, the expression of one’s Self.

And that is her life’s purpose. Just as it is mine and just as it is yours in whatever form that individual expression takes.

So what is your life’s purpose? To fully and completely experience and express YOU…Your Own Uniqueness!

Until next time..

Uniquely yours,





How do you fully and completely express Your Own Uniqueness? Please comment below.

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