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In my last post I wrote about “stepping into uncertainty” and the courage it takes to do so.  It is not so much  the courage to step into uncertainty as it is the courage to leave behind what has become so familiar and comfortable even though it no longer serves us. Stepping into uncertainty is exciting, invigorating and limitless. Limitless in what we can imagine and ultimately create and experience. Stepping into uncertainty is never about what we can’t do, it is always about what we can do. It is through this step, this joyous leap of Faith, that we are finally released from the invisible chains that bind us. Stepping into uncertainty isn’t jumping off a cliff into a great abyss of the unknown. It is stepping into and allowing our true selves to be experienced and expressed as intended.  And on some level we absolutely know what it is we are here to do, therefore there is no unknown.

A point of clarification that I feel needs to be made is that when we step into uncertainty we are not just blindly forging ahead with no idea of what we want to experience. On the contrary we are clear, very clear, on what we desire to experience. The uncertainty is in how it will all unfold, not whether or not it will. I am of the belief that we would not have been given the inspiration to do something if it wasn’t intended to be. Additionally, if it is intended to be, we will always (all ways) be presented with what is necessary for it to be.

I use the word presented in the paragraph above because no matter how inspired we might be, no matter how much we desire to have a specific life experience, it comes down to our willingness to make the choices and take the steps that brings our desires into being.  We are presented the opportunity. It is then up to us to take full advantage of it. And the more choices we make in alignment with what we desire, the more opportunities we are presented to make it so.  And always remember that the Universe is biased towards our wellbeing, our happiness and our fulfillment.

“The Universe does everything in support of our happiness and wellbeing because it cannot do otherwise”    

Lets take a quick look at the word Faith. A definition of Faith is the belief in something even though there is no evidence supporting its existence. It is a knowing on some level, even though we can’t explain it, that something just is. Our biggest challenge with Faith is our inability to let things unfold naturally. Our tendency is to impose our view of how something will and should look and to impose time limits within which it should be completed. Faith is knowing that whatever we desire is forthcoming (already exists) when all conditions are such. Faith is getting out of our own way to fully allow it to happen

“Stepping into uncertainty is having Faith in the process of life” 

In summary, our step into uncertainty is not a step into the unknown, it is a step into possibility, potential and purpose. So take your step, not with fear but with joyful wide-eyed wonder and curiosity for the goodness that  lies ahead. 

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  • Great post Jim! What you wrote reminds me of what it was like when I left my husband of 20 years and started my new life. The reason I’m pointing this out is because as hard as it was to “step into the uncertainty”, now that I’m on the other side of it, I can’t believe I waited so long to take the leap of faith. After a few days at my new (dream) job, I came home and walked into my house (my safe haven) and for the first time I felt as though I had finally made it. I made it through the most difficult time in my life, and now everything has fallen into place…just as it’s supposed to. Taking that leap of faith is difficult, but when you move through the pain and uncertainty, what lies ahead is the most amazing feeling you’ll ever get. Thanks for explaining this so well!

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