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I have been asked how and why I write on the topics that I do.  The simple answer is that I write on what I have recently experienced or am in the process of experiencing.  I gain insights during my early morning walks and during any time spent in nature. I share these insights through my writing because it gives me clarity and a better understanding of why my life unfolds as it does. It is my intention in writing and sharing these thoughts that you too can gain clarity on your life. Not so much that you agree with what I have written, but that it inspires you to pause and consider your life, how it has unfolded and how you desire it to unfold from this moment on.

Recent writings have been about  “stepping into uncertainty.” That desire and willingness to courageously move beyond having become too comfortable in our discomfort to trusting the process of life. To the knowingness that when we take that joyous leap of Faith all is provided for what we desire to create and experience. In this post we move from stepping into uncertainty to  “giving into the moment.”

First question I would ask is, “What does this mean to you? When you read the phrase,”giving into the moment,” what comes up for you? How do you feel? What image(s), if any, come to mind?

I see and have a sense of one thing collapsing into another.  A folding in or accepting of one thing for another, only to become one and the same. A wave in the ocean building up to the point when it can no longer sustain itself only to collapse back to where it began. And even though the wave is always a part of the ocean we see it and perhaps experience it as somehow separate. Giving into the moment feels like this to me. It is allowing things (thoughts) in the form of stresses, struggles and fears that have been allowed to build to the point where I can not, or am no longer willing to sustain them to collapse into the nothingness from which I created them.

“Giving into the moment is surrender, but not giving up,
It is a collapsing of all things into the one of which we are all a part”

So what is the experience that causes the build up that leads to the collapse?  In the simplest of terms it is our resistance to life. It is our fighting against the flow of what is being offered for our continued growth and expansion. The more we resist, the more we struggle. Why do we resist, because we think we know what is best instead of allowing and embracing what life is offering.

Think to a time when you told a lie. As time went on it became more and more difficult to sustain. It was hard to remember what and to whom it was said. Layer upon layer was placed on the original lie the more times it was told, or the more people to whom it was told. As a result other things happened or came into play that added to the original lie. It became more difficult and more stressful to uphold.  This is what is happening to all of us during our life time. We lie to ourselves and others about who we are. We are constantly working to live up to an idea or image of who we and others believe ourselves to be.  And we do this in spite of the knowing in our hearts it is not who we truly are. Our struggle in life is the extraordinary effort required to maintain that lie.

Giving into the moment is the letting go of the lie we have been living to allow our true selves to be expressed. It is a settling into our selves, that comfortable, familiar place that takes no effort, no thought, just being. Settling into ourselves is embracing what life offers in every moment. It is accepting the part we play in the co-creation of the opportunities, many times disguised as struggle, that are for our continued growth and evolution.

I know that I resist life. I try to make things happen the way I think they should within the time frame I think they should.  Through out my life this has, and to this day continues to cause me great stress and frustration. And yet, it is in those times that I give into the moment, when I let go of the need to control the situation, that I am reminded that I need do nothing except allow life to flow to and through me in the way it is intended. My life experiences will come to me because they are just that, my life experiences, nobody elses.  All I have to do is be aware of and embrace my life as it unfolds beautifully, naturally and effortlessly. It always, in all ways, unfolds for my (and your) benefit.  

Now here is an interesting aspect of this life process. Even though we are co-creators in the experiences/opportunities we are presented we always have the choice not to participate. In other words, we can always choose to resist what we have taken part in creating. This is the resistance that causes the pain,  the suffering , the stress and the struggle of life. And yes there will be events in our lives when we feel pain, sadness or  loss regardless of our willingness to let life flow through us. We must remember these beautiful moments of expressions are an integral part of the life experience we chose to have in this incarnation.

This now begs the question as to why we would resist that which we have co-created that is perfectly designed for our continued spiritual growth and evolution? If it is our perfect plan why choose otherwise?  Why are we even given the gift of choice in such an important matter? It is because the gift of choice is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, components of our perfectly designed plan.  It is in choosing who we desire to be and express that our perfectly designed plan is put in motion. Every choice we make, whether in alignment with who we desire to be or not, presents the opportunity for the expression of who we desire to be and are in the process of becoming.  Our perfectly designed plan is not set in stone but the outcome is. The path we take to evolve into our true selves is up to each one of us. 

Here is a quote that I don’t remember who said it or exactly how it was originally stated, but the message is clear. “My path is where ever my foot falls.”  Each step we take, where ever our foot falls, opens the way for life, my life and your life, to unfold perfectly as intended.

In closing you are invited to give into the moment. Ease into being your self, your true self, where life flows to and through you, effortlessly, naturally and beautifully.

Until next time,

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