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Toroweap Point[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ince originally posting this a few days ago I have spent time reflecting on why I was given the inspiration to write this post at this time, and why the message of Heaven on Earth.  As I have mentioned in previous posts most of what I am given to write comes to me while I am on my early morning walks. For me this is a very quiet time during which “I become immersed in the silence of the dawn.”   This is when I feel most connected, most open and most receptive to the thoughts that flow through me.

Heaven on Earth was not a new theme for me to consider so the fact that it came up again was no surprise. But why now, especially during the week of Thanksgiving.  Was it to be shared now so that we begin to have a greater sense of just how much we truly have for which to be grateful? Or is it so we begin to realize how much more we have available to us for which to be grateful that we have yet to fully experience?  I will leave  answering this question to you.

Heaven on Earth, is it really possible?  Or is it an elusive dream to which we attach our hope and faith? Are we here to actually experience Heaven on Earth or is it nothing more than a term we use to describe an event or experience that is beyond words or description?  Why is it we make reference to those things we enjoy, love or experience as extraordinarily beautiful or moving as being like “Heaven on Earth?”  How can we compare an experience of one thing as being like another if we haven’t  had the other experience?  At least as far as I know, most people if asked would say that they haven’t had the experience of Heaven on Earth, or have they?

What would be your experience of Heaven?  What ideas, thoughts and beliefs do you hold of Heaven?  Where do they come from?  How would you describe it, or can you?  Notice that I used the word “experience” in the question, “what would be your experience of Heaven?   This was done intentionally because I truly believe that Heaven is an experience and not a place.  How can you have the experience of Heaven you hold in your thoughts and beliefs while living on the Earth plane?

Those who have had a NDE (near death experience) describe their experience in terms of what it was like. They speak of an experience of  intense light, love and grandeur, of being at a place and then not being at that place, of a sudden awareness of being elsewhere in the experience. They sense being nowhere and yet everywhere simultaneously.  They speak of being nothing and yet being of everything.  They speak of the vividness of colors, the clarity with which they see and experience everything within their “experience” of heaven.  They speak of the intense, indescribable, unconditional love of, and from GOD, Jesus or whomever or whatever they believe to be the Supreme Being or force in the Universe. They describe buildings, people, animals, mountains, flowers, rivers and canyons etc. in terms of its magnificence, its beauty and illumination. They speak of an intensity of peace, joy and love that is beyond our human capacity to understand or even begin to describe.

In their NDE they experience no awareness of the limitations they believe and hold about themselves while in the Earth plane. They are fully immersed in the experience of Heaven with no thoughts about anything, yet a knowing of everything. There are no boundaries, no defining lines, no beginning or end. They are not doing anything, yet experience the connection to everything. They are not who they thought themselves to be, they experience who they know themselves to be.

Could it be that Heaven on Earth is the realization and acceptance of the inherent beauty and magnificence of all that we are, all that we have and all that we experience? Is Heaven on Earth the unconditional love of self, of life and all it has to offer?  Could it be that we gain the clarity of those that have had a NDE when we open ourselves to the magnificence of  ourselves, to life and accept that GOD’s will is that we have this experience in this and every incarnation?  Could it be that the “experience” of Heaven on Earth is in living L.I.F.E.? (living in full expression)

With the exception of the clarity and intensity of the Heavenly experience expressed by those who have had a NDE, is there anything that was described or experienced that is not fully available to us right here, right now in this moment on this magnificent planet Earth?

Is not unconditional love available to us when we let go of judgment?  Is not indescribable beauty available to us when we fully immerse ourselves in the beauty that surrounds us and in fact, is inherent in us? Is not peace and joy available to us when we are released from the invisible chains of fear, worry and concern that bind us?

I believe Heaven on Earth can and is experienced by each and every one of us when we accept it is possible, when we accept we are worthy of it, and when we accept it is GOD’s will.

All we have to do is allow ourselves to have the experience, to actually be the experience.  Become aware of, and grateful for the love we receive and have to give. Become aware of the feelings we experience in what we know as love.  Spend time in gratitude, appreciating, honoring and respecting the beauty and perfection in Nature, in one another other and in the experience of love.  Be the experience you desire to have.

While this might seem a strange statement to some, “be the experience you desire to have,” what is meant is to completely immerse oneself in the experience of life.  Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon or some other awe-inspiring place on Earth and literally had no words to describe what you were feeling?  Have you ever experienced an incredible sunrise or sunset that literally swept you away?   Have you ever been completely lost in any experience whether it be love, laughter, joy or happiness to the point that you lost all sense of time, thought or self?  There were no boundaries, no limits, no thoughts, no beginning or end.  Does this sound familiar? Isn’t this how those who had a NDE described their experience of Heaven?

And what of love?  It cannot be described or explained in words due to the limits of language and the immensity of what love is. We know it through the feelings and experiences of that which we call love and our longing to return to as often as possible.So what is Heaven on Earth?  It is the fullest, most complete expression and experience of ourselves, who we truly are, while here in human form. Yes, we are Heaven on Earth expressed and experienced.   How and when we experience it is up to each of us.  We can choose to have and be the experience of Heaven on Earth in any moment.  Allow it, embrace it, be it.

Until next time,
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  • AnaMaria says:

    Jim, I really enjoy reading your articles, thank you very much. To me “Heaven on Earth” is only a deep feeling of love and peace, a moment… a present moment and as you mention in the article, an experience. Sometimes avoiding thoughts of fear, I can’t, it’s impossible is not easy but it can be as simple as focusing my self on the “I will” instead of the “I want”.

    • Jim Phillips says:

      Thank you Anamaria for reading this post and taking the time to respond. I agree with what you have said, I would also suggest that we move beyond, “I will” to “I Am.”

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