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[dropcap]This[/dropcap] is always an interesting time of year when people reflect on the passing of the previous year and begin to wonder what the year ahead holds. I personally am always amazed when I reflect on the year just passed and realize how much I actually accomplished and experienced.

At first glance it doesn’t appear or feel like I accomplished much, but upon deeper reflection, I realize it was quite a year.  And while what I experienced last year doesn’t determine what will be experienced in the New Year, it can certainly influence it.

What is it you want to experience in the New Year? How do you want to experience and express who you are? How do you want to show up, or better yet, how will you show up in the New Year?

Do you declare what you desire to create and experience in the form of resolutions? Do you hold to your resolutions throughout the course of the year or are they merely a topic of conversation and jokingly declared?

Most of us, including me, will make a resolution or two or three that we have a desire to experience, yet somehow, somewhere, we lose the inspiration behind the resolution and never quite make it happen. The primary reason for losing the inspiration is we lose sight of the “why” for making the resolution in the first place.

When we know why we do, or have the desire to do, something and the why is intense enough, we will see it through. In fact, what I suggest is you set intentions in lieu of resolutions. This might seem like mere semantics; however a true intention is more deeply seated within us. It is a more intense desire fueled by the willingness to do what is necessary to bring it about.  

In my book, From Inspiration to Intention, I wrote,

Creating life with and through intention is the conscious engagement in the process of life as one desires to experience life. Intention begins the selection process of the infinite choices and possibilities available to us. When we create and live with intention life unfolds as we desire it to be and not merely by default.”

What does all of this mean? Quite simply it means that when we set intentions, deep, heart-felt desires, of what we want to create and experience, and make conscious decisions towards the fulfillment of those intentions, they will come to be. And the more we re-visit an intention over the course of the year, the more aware we become of the opportunities to bring it about and the more likely we are to make choices that lead to the experience of that intention.

Here are a few of my intentions for 2016. What you will notice is that they are not specific toward an event or accomplishment, but are intentions for how I will live my life. How I live my life, and who I am being within the context of life, will result in opportunities that when consciously chosen culminate in the experiences (accomplishments) I desire.

It is my intention to allow for the possibility of all things. When I allow for the possibility of all things my choices are infinite.

It is my intention to live life more consciously. When I live consciously I am aware of what is happening around me and within me. From awareness all things are possible.

It is my intention to live more fully and completely as I know my Self to be. There is, and will be, only one of me. To deny the full expression of my uniqueness denies me and the world the benefit of my gifts, just as your denying your full expression denies the world your gifts.

It is my intention to resist being drawn into other people’s dramas. (mine are more than sufficient) Why live someone else’s life when yours is just as dramatic and exciting?

I intend to resist being drawn into other people’s dramas. My own are sufficient.~Jim Phillips Click To Tweet

It is my intention to do more of those things that bring me and others greater joy.

It is my intention to respect my feelings over my thoughts. How often do we think ourselves out of an experience we truly desire when our feelings are guiding us to our highest and best choice?

There are others, however these are the ones that readily come to mind. What do you intend for the upcoming year? What do you believe is possible? What are you “willing” to do to bring about your best year ever? How are you living in full expression of who you truly are so that you and the world gain the benefit of your expression?

As you list your intentions consider the why behind them. Why do you want to “live more consciously”, as an example. Pay close attention to your feelings as you explore your why. The more intense the feeling, the stronger the why, and the more likely you are to follow through.

I look forward to hearing how you will create and experience your new year through your conscious intentions to do so. If you are so inspired, please post an intention or two below and state your why.

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