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This post is a reprint for the most part of an article I wrote a year or so ago that I recently came across. As I read it I realized it was a great message for me to pay attention to as 2011 closes out and we move into 2012 and all that it offers. It gave me pause to consider how I am in judgment of myself and the impact or influence this judgment has on my life experiences and those around me. It is my intention in posting this that you will take a good look at yourself and the judgments you have about who you are and of what you are capable. I would love to hear your thoughts so if you are compelled to do so please post a comment or write me directly at  Now for the post.

There are four spiritual principles I believe we are to understand, live and master during our life time(s) on Earth. They are unconditional love, gratitudeforgiveness and non-judgment. To me the most important, the most impactful, and perhaps the most difficult, is non-judgment. Now it could be argued that unconditional love, our innate state of being, is the most important. Unfortunately this isn’t the state in which most of us live. It is through the mastery of the other three which arise from non-judgment that we get back to unconditional love. When we are non-judgmental we love unconditionally, we express gratitude for all we have, and we are forgiving (forgiven) because we accept, honor and respect all for the journey they have chosen.

For the balance of this year I want to suggest you pay close attention to the principal of non-judgment.  If you do I believe it will make a tremendous difference in who you are and how you create and experience life. 

To begin this discussion let’s take a quick look at judgment. Judgment is an opinion we form based on our perspective of what we have observed. And our perspective is based on the beliefs we hold at the moment the judgment is being made. Keep in mind that neither our beliefs nor our judgments are necessarily true, but what we hold to be true based on the information we have to that moment. Therefore, our judgments come from a perspective which is based on information we hold as true, but which in fact might not be true. To judge someone or something says more about who we are and where we are in our evolutionary process than it does about that which we are judging. It is a reflection of one’s beliefs and perspective in that moment.

Take notice of how you judge yourself and how often you judge yourself. What do you consistently say to, and about yourself through thoughts and words that reinforce specific behaviors and beliefs that are limiting or disempowering? Do you speak or think of yourself in self-deprecating ways? Are you holding yourself back from truly expressing or experiencing who you desire to be because of your judgment of who you think you are?

The point is that we must first be non-judgmental towards ourselves before we can be non-judgmental towards others. In essence, when we judge others we are actually judging our selves. Our judgment of others is more a reflection of how we feel or what we believe about ourselves than what we feel or believe about the one we are judging. It is when we are fully  accepting and loving towards our selves for who we know ourselves to be that we become open to loving and accepting, in fact honoring, others for who they are and the life path they have chosen.

Whenever I find myself being judgmental, whether about myself or another, I ask a very simple, yet revealing question, “What is it in me that this is so?” In other words, what is it I believe or hold to be true about myself that would cause me to form this opinion? What is it that I need to look at about myself that is being shown to me through my judgment. Where did these beliefs originate? Are they beliefs formed because of what someone else has said or are they actual experiences I have had? Any beliefs (judgment) we hold about ourselves that are disempowering are not the truth of who we are and therefore are to be released and replaced with the truth of who we desire to be and are in the process of becoming.

Being judgmental doesn’t make us bad or wrong. It is nothing for which we should feel any guilt. It is simply who and where we believe ourselves to be at that moment in our evolutionary process. Being non-judgmental does not mean we accept or condone what someone else is doing or has done. It doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to things that are or could be harmful or detrimental to others. On the contrary, we do what we can to prevent or alter the event or circumstances without judgment of the person or persons. This is very difficult at times; however it is when we rise above our judgmental tendencies that we are in greater alignment with our true Divine nature.

“The degree to which we judge reflects where we are on the evolutionary scale”

Imagine how different the world might be if we didn’t judge ourselves and therefore others. There would be no war, no prejudice, no discrimination, no hatred and no religious intolerance and so on. Out of non-judgment comes unconditional love. With unconditional love we are accepting of all others and all things. Yes, there would be differences in how we think and live, and certainly some differences in what we believe, however there would be respect for one another and an honoring of the life path each has has chosen for their own personal and Spiritual growth and evolution. We would accept full responsibility for our own life experiences and growth while allowing others to take responsibility for theirs.

Practicing non-judgment can be difficult. Take care not to judge yourself as you become aware of your judgmental tendencies. Be gentle, kind and loving towards yourself as you go through this process. I assure you that you will be amazed at how things about you and around you will change with this new perspective.  To lessen the degree to which you judge or to eliminate it all together I suggest two things. One, whenever you find yourself judging another simply send them love, respect and blessings for their chosen journey, and express gratitude for what you have gained from this experience. Secondly, bring your awareness to bear on your judgments and you will see them begin to dissipate. As they dissolve you gain greater acceptance, respect and love for yourself and all others. And as you gain greater acceptance, respect and love for all others (all things) you will find yourself living more from a place of unconditional love.

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 JIM has been a highly respected business leader and entrepreneur for the better part of 30 years. His passion for inspiring others to higher levels of achievement and a greater quality of life has resulted in presentations and seminars throughout the United States and parts of Europe. Most recently his passion has been the exploration and application of spiritual law as it applies to prosperity and overall quality of life. He has the gift of turning complex spiritual ideas and laws into easily understood and applied practices.

In addition to Jim’s speaking engagements and workshops he is a professional Life Coach guiding people through the process of gaining clarity on what they truly desire in life and moving beyond the limiting beliefs that hold them back.

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