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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World…or is it?

By July 6th, 2023No Comments

T he appearance is that the world is outta whack. Conflicts, war, terrorism, mass shootings, police shootings, disinformation, severe weather, immigration concerns, gaslighting and all that is happening within government. Chaos seems to be the flavor of the day with far too many getting a taste.

As I was reflecting on all that I perceive to be happening around the world and the fear that usually results I took note of where I was sitting and how calm and peaceful it is. Here I am in the midst of peace and quiet, yet in this country (US) and around the world events are taking place that are anything but peaceful.

What does it all mean? How did we, humanity, get to this point? Aren’t we supposed to be evolving? How do we cope with all that is happening in the world and live peacefully? How can we cultivate peace in a world that seems to be at a tipping point where at any moment it could all end?

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting the world is about to end or even that the world is a scary place. I intentionally use the word perception when describing the state of the world because that is all that it is, our perception of how things are and how we feel it will turn out.

This is a difficult world in which we live and a difficult world through which to navigate, yet despite it all we chose to be here at this place and precise moment in time. Why? Because it offers each of us exactly what is required to gain the understanding and experience our Soul desires.

No one is any better off than another when it comes to the life experiences each is provided. It is only through the comparison, judgment and perception of our own life experiences that this appears to be so.

There is a tendency within humanity to focus on the challenging, difficult and fearful aspects of life when in Truth, peace, joy and love are more pervasive. Yes, there are areas and peoples in this world that are and have been in conflict for ages, but that is not reflective of the vast majority of this world and its people.

The media focus on conflict, terror and tragedy gives the appearance that this is the state of the world, but it is not. This is not to say that terrible things are not happening, however it is not the experience for most of us. And I am certainly not trying to over simplify or give less meaning to those things that do happen, especially to those who are directly involved and impacted.

The more attention and energy put towards the destructive, fearful events of our time the more pervasive they seem and the more impact they have on our lives. This is in essence the theory and intention behind terrorism. Make the people believe the world is a terrible frightening place and they will live in fear.

“When we live in fear we give away the power
we each have to create and live the life
we so desire, individually and collectively.”

Whether we want to admit it or not we perpetuate the illusion and thereby the experience of fear by the thoughts and beliefs we hold and subsequently share. By writing about, talking about and acting from fear we feed it the power that sustains it.

“What we are in agreement with we bring into the world. ~ Jim Phillips Click To Tweet

When we agree that the world is messed up, scary or evil we perpetuate this experience. If we truly want to live peaceful lives we must place our focus on those things in life that represent to us peace, love, harmony and beauty. When we focus on these images and feelings and send the energy of them out into the world, peace, love and compassion is what we receive and experience in return.

This is not about letting those who commit crimes and atrocities do so without consequence. They must be dealt with in an appropriate manner. However, we must change our perspective and belief about life and humanity if we are to change the way life unfolds and is experienced.

History repeats itself because no one pays attention. We say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. When will we finally understand that all of the events that take place in this world take place because of us, humanity?

It will be when we get to the tipping point of enough people accepting responsibility, individually and collectively, for the events in the world and our personal lives that the change we desire will become our lived experience. It will be when we stop pointing fingers at others and point a finger towards ourSelf and look within that we will realize each one of us is the solution we so desperately need.

“Anything can be true to the one who holds it as such,
however, it doesn’t make it the truth”