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A lot of what I have been writing in recent months has had to do with looking at limiting beliefs, those “truths” we hold about ourselves that prevent us from being fully who we are. Truths was placed in quotations above because the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves are truths only because we believe them to be.  If only we would take time to look at our accomplishments in life. In doing so we would readily see the experiences that prove these “truths” are nothing more than illusions. Why then do we default to the limiting belief when we have had experiences that prove otherwise? Why don’t we default to the truth that we are good enough to do whatever we desire? Why don’t we default to all that we have accomplished that disproves the limiting belief we have held as true?

A couple of explanations come up for me when I consider this, both of which might actually be a way of saying the same thing. The first explanation is , “we are more afraid of what we might lose than what we might gain.” You might ask what this has to do with limiting beliefs and being held back. The point is that we won’t make a decision to do something new or move into any area of uncertainty because of what we fear we might lose if we do.  How different might life be if instead of fearing what we might lose we are excited and curious about the unlimited potential of what we might gain? Imagine, literally, what might you gain if you step into uncertainty with the belief that something good and wondrous will happen?  Using the word uncertainty here might scare some folks, but uncertainty is nothing to be feared. It just means that we are unsure of what will happen. It opens the door for anything and everything to happen, yes even things that are to our benefit.  The key however is our intention. If our intention as we step into uncertainty is that we will experience what we consider good and beneficial then we will. It might not be in  the form of what we thought it would be, but it will absolutely be to our benefit.

“Stepping into uncertainty is moving into the world of unlimited potential of what is and can be”

The reason I bring up the idea that we might be more afraid of what we might lose than what we might gain is because it is in and of itself a limiting belief.  We won’t move toward what we truly desire if we fear that what we have might be lost in the process.  And this despite overwhelming evidence that when we did so before what we gained was much better. 

This raises the important question of your belief  about life and the Universe. Do you believe the Universe has your back and will always bring to you what is in your best interest, or do you believe the Universe is out to get you?  What I have come to know as truth is that the Universe rewards courage (Faith). The more courageous we are in stepping into uncertainty toward full expression of who we are the more the Universe conspires with us to make it so. 

The second explanation for why we default to a limiting belief is that “we have become too comfortable in our discomfort.”  Things aren’t exactly where we want them to be, but there not too bad. In fact, they could be worse.  Becoming comfortable with our discomfort is another way of saying we are unwilling to do what will bring us what we truly desire?  We have settled for the way things are thinking that this is what life has given us and there is nothing we can do to change it.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Life always offers us what is in our highest and best good in that moment and nothing that we haven’t played a part in creating.  Yes, it will take some effort, some conscious effort, however when we are moving toward what we truly desire to experience the effort is not difficult, it is empowering. And once empowered everything is possible. Yes there will be challenges along the way however we no longer see things as challenges put before us to prevent us from being or experiencing what we desire, we see them as opportunities to create and experience life more fully.  

It has been said that the Universe is biased towards life. That regardless of the harshest of conditions life somehow finds a way to flourish. Examples in nature are trees and plants growing out of solid rock with no soil or apparent means of nourishment. Or the plants that flourish in the desert where it appears that life of any kind could not survive. The same holds true for us. The Universe is biased towards our life, our fulfillment of what we desire to be and experience. All we have to show is our willingness to trust the process. This is done by stepping into uncertainty and letting go of  fears and beliefs that would convince us there is something we can not do. 

As I was writing this blog post I ran into a little writers block and felt the need to take a break. I decided to do a little yard work and in particular a little weeding and removing of unwanted plants in the beds in front of my townhouse.  As I was pulling out the unwanted plants the roots for the seemed to go on forever. I was amazed by how far and deep the roots had grown.  As I pulled the plants the stems would snap allowing me to only remove the upper part of the plant. I realized that if I didn’t do the work necessary to completely remove the roots the unwanted plants would grow back. Then it dawned on me. Nature (the Universe) was presenting me with a perfect illustration of what needs to be done with our deeply rooted and held beliefs.  We can work on the surface issues and bring about temporary results and perhaps some success but it is not until we do the work beneath the surface that the “root” cause is removed and we create richer, fuller, more rewarding life experiences.

So it is that I invite you to step into uncertainty with the joyous expectation of the goodness life has to offer. Look at life with wonder and curiosity. Be a conscious example, a courageous example, of what can be when the disempowering illusions we hold are set free. Expand your awareness to all that is happening around you that is for you.

Until next time….


Grand Canyon photo curtesy of Michael Slivinski.

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