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The Fall of Humanity

By December 11th, 2017No Comments

T he fall of humanity is a metaphor for a season in our lives, a time of transition and reflection. By simply being aware of what Fall represents in Nature, as one of her many expressions, we are shown how we might live in full expression by enjoying, embracing and allowing what life offers for that full expression. This became very clear to me during an early morning walk when I observed Nature in transition as Summer steps aside to invite Fall’s full expression.

This transition is definitely being reflected in the changing temperatures and even more so through the leaves on the trees as they have been transitioning from the greens of Summer to the golds, reds and oranges of the Fall, to their final  expression  of  brown.  It is then their initial purpose has been served and they fall from the tree revealing the bare canvas upon which Spring will paint her masterpiece. 

Our opportunity for transition and greater expression lies in reflecting on our seasons just passed.  The “leaving” behind of thoughts, beliefs, experiences and feelings that color our perspective of who we are and of what we are capable of creating. Our history does not and cannot tell us who we are or what we are capable of creating and experiencing, it can only show us who we were in that moment the history was created. 

Leaving behind is the letting go of all that has served us in expressing and experiencing who we were in that season. It is recognizing that just as a leaf falls from a tree because there is no longer an attachment, so should it be with all thoughts, beliefs and feelings that would limit who we are in the process of becoming, thus making way for the new growth life lovingly and assuredly brings our way. 

As we allow the limiting thoughts and beliefs, and their attendant feelings, fall from our minds we are left with the blank canvas upon which to paint our masterpiece, “our truth”, and create the experiences of life and full expression of the Self that we truly desire. 

The falling away of limiting thoughts and beliefs isn’t the only message Nature offers during this season of transition. The trees, bare and stark, offer the opportunity to look at ourselves in much the same way. A tree is a tree and as such doesn’t question itself as a tree. It knows that as a product of Nature it is perfect in every way for what it is intended to do. 

It doesn’t compare itself to the tree standing next to it or the one further into the forest. It doesn’t measure its height, spread or color as a determining factor as to its worthiness as a tree. It knows it isn’t any less than another tree that might bear fruit or flower. It is secure in knowing that it is a tree, the tree it was intended to be. 

It’s a tree, and allows itself to be that tree with its knots, twisted branches and slight curve to the left. It doesn’t criticize or judge another tree for the way it looks, the way it bends, its color, or its number of branches. A tree knows that it and every other tree is the perfect expression of Nature it is intended to be. 

A tree withstands the storms of life by standing strong, proud and sure, yet bending when life requires it do so. Its branches spread wide ever reaching towards the heavens to receive all that life would rain upon it. 

A tree allows and accepts the changes that come its way without complaint. It knows it is a necessary phase of life for its continued growth, evolution and expression as the tree that it is. At times it will appear naked and vulnerable, yet it knows those times are short-lived. 

A tree knows that it is in these times of vulnerability and exposure to the elements of life that it is being prepared for a moment of glory when it once again Springs forth into full expression of its magnificence. 


A tree is a tree and lives in that full expression because it knows no other way. ~ Jim Phillips Click To Tweet

Like a tree we would be wise to accept, honor, respect and appreciate who we are, a perfect expression of the Divine. And do so without complaint or criticism. We would be wise to know and trust that we are provided all that we need to live in full expression of that which we are, and are intended to be, no matter the storms of life through which we will surely pass.  

We look at a single tree in the Fall and marvel at its beauty and the colors of its full display. And yet, we can also look into a forest or upon a mountain exploding with the color of trees of many shapes, sizes and colors, to see they have joined together to paint a picture beyond description, one that no tree alone can express. 

As each of us lives in full expression in the size, shape and color with which we have been blessed, know that as a single expression of the Divine you are perfect. And that as each perfect expression of the Divine stands shoulder to shoulder, complementing all other expressions of the Divine, we complete the tapestry of humanity that is beyond description. 

“As we live in full expression, the Divine is fully expressed” 


So the next time you take a walk and see a tree, regardless of its shape, size or color, thank it for living in full expression. Thank it for the invitation it extends to each of us to live in full expression of the Truth of who we are.