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I love writing. I have been told that what I write helps bring clarity to subjects that many of my readers have questioned but don’t spend much time exploring in depth. I know that what I write doesn’t answer the questions completely but it does raise questions that bring new insights into the way we think about ourselves and life.

Where I struggle with writing is the actual sitting down to do it. You would think because writing is what I love that I would be eager to write as often as possible. The challenge is in trusting that what I want to share is relevant, and then capturing the words and phrases that best convey the message.

I am constantly bombarded with thoughts and ideas that to me are interesting, thought provoking, and in the moment quite brilliant. Then when I sit down to put them on paper (ok, I use a computer) I have a difficult time retrieving the original “brilliant” thought.

I use the term brilliant because in the moment of the thought it does seem brilliant. You know what I am talking about. We all have this experience. You get this great idea that excites you, motivates you, and you can’t wait to share it with others. And then when you begin explaining your brilliant idea it doesn’t makes as much sense, or perhaps makes no sense at all. It isn’t that your idea isn’t brilliant, it is because you haven’t allowed the process to fully unfold.

I know through trial and error, mostly error, that if I don’t capture a thought on paper as quickly as possible it will be lost in the “abyss of lost brilliance” with all of my other brilliant thoughts. And even when I do write it down quickly, I find it difficult to capture the same intensity and clarity as when it first comes through.

What I have come to understand is that there is a process to L.I.F.E. (living in full expression) And living in full expression is what we are here to do. Live fully, completely and joyfully as who we truly are. Did I mention joyfully?

I use writing as an example of how the process works for me. Understand that you need to determine how the process works for you so you create and experience everything you desire in life.

How do we do this, by understanding the three keys to unlocking our “brilliance.”

Key 1. Know there is a process. This might seem a no brainer, however if we don’t acknowledge the existence of a process we can’t take full advantage of it.

As mentioned above, I know if I don’t capture thoughts in the moment they are received I will most likely lose their initial brilliance. I also know that my first draft is not going to capture the complete message I want to convey. More often than not it is a list of random thoughts that carry a specific message, however in a very disparate way. I know when I get my thoughts on paper and walk away for a day or two that when I return I will have formulated a more coherent message.

This isn’t because the words magically organize themselves into a coherent message by the time I return. It is because the process for me is to put my thoughts on paper which solidifies them in my mind. It is then my subconscious organizes them into the message I have a desire to share. Sometime my subconscious throws out the original thoughts only to replace them with more powerful thoughts. This too is a part of the process for me.

Key 2. Know how the process works for you. I know writing in the morning is better for me than writing later in the day. I know when I take my early morning walks I am clear and connected to the source of the “brilliant” thoughts long before the issues of the day cloud my mind.

I know I write better when there is easy jazz playing in the background. I don’t know why, it is just part of my process. I also know that when I honor the process the process never lets me down.

Key 3. Trust and allow the process. From the many times I have ignored the process and struggled I have come to trust that it will never fail me. I know that when I capture my thoughts and give them ample time to expand and become clear, I will have the message I intend to share in the form that is best to share it. When I ignore the process I experience stress and frustration which inhibits the outcomes I desire.

What is your process? How do the experiences you desire in life unfold? What patterns show up that you can take advantage of to create the experiences you truly desire?

When are you at your best ? When are you at your most creative? When is your energy at its highest, at its lowest? What do you like to do? What are you good at?

I thank you for taking the time and interest to read this post. In doing so you have experienced the end result of my process. What is yours? Let’s continue the conversation, please share your comments below.

Until next time,


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