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As we all know, life can be difficult. No matter how much success a person enjoys or how well their life seems to be unfolding, everyone experiences difficult times and situations. Looking at it from this perspective life is an equal opportunity experience. Each person has the same opportunity to experience joy, happiness, love, sadness or fear and the myriad emotions available to humanity.

The interesting and empowering aspect of this perspective is that we get to choose how we experience life. Events might be outside of our control, however the experience of each event is not.  We can allow an event to determine how we will experience life or we can take responsibility and consciously choose how the event will impact our life.

Being an independent business person, as an example, running one’s own business can and will take over every aspect of life if we allow it to. All too often we ignore the other equally important aspects of life in order to make sure the business is running smoothly, all of the details have been covered, and the bills will be paid without realizing the impact this has on our family, relationships, health and overall well-being.

Picture of Tight Rope Walker - Balance Is The Key...Balance is the key. When we have balance we give equal importance to every aspect of life. Yes, there are times when one aspect takes precedence over the others, however it is only when there is something pressing or needs extra attention that we do so.

Bringing balance to our daily life often brings about a sense of calm, peace and groundedness. This results in less stress allowing us to be present to whatever we are doing in the moment. When we are in balance we are motivated, inspired, more engaged, more productive, and ultimately happier with ourselves and life.

So how do we gain this elusive way of living called balance? Here are 5 clarifying questions that when answered will help put all aspects of life, including business, in proper perspective.

  • Who am I? This question addresses the “who” that is not the name, the labels, the roles, the achievements or the “stuff” acquired in life. It is a question of who you are above and beyond those things. While not an easy question to answer, taking time to do so is worthwhile and productive. As you get clear on who you are you realize you are much more than you believe yourself to be and that no one aspect of life, especially business, defines you. As you live in full expression of who you are you will find life presenting more and more ways to enjoy that expression and life itself becomes more enjoyable.
  • Why am I here? This question can be interpreted in a couple of ways. First, we could look at it as our life’s purpose, what we are here to do and experience.  Or, we can look at it from the perspective of what is the purpose of life, why are any of us here? (But that’s another topic altogether)You might wonder what this question has to do with gaining balance in life. If you have an idea of why you are here, of your purpose, you will begin making decisions and taking actions that lead to the fulfillment of that purpose. You will quickly come to realize that being a successful business person or whatever role you have chosen to play is not your purpose but instead a means, or one of many means, for your purpose to be expressed. To reveal what might be considered your life’s purpose ask yourself these questions.
  1. What am I good at?
  2. What do I like to do?
  3. What am I most passionate about?
  4. What would I do if time and money were not a concern?
  • Why do I do what I do? This question gets to the heart of why you are in the business you are in. Many real estate professionals that I have coached will answer initially with a response that has something to do with the amount of money they can make, their love for houses, or they are good with people. And while these answers are legitimate and might appear to be the correct answer for that individual they are usually incomplete. Dig deeper in your response to determine what making good money can do for you. Does it allow you to provide for your family in the manner you desire? Does it allow you to exercise your gifts and talents? Does it allow you the opportunity to be of service to others? And perhaps the most important question, how does it make you feel about you?Getting to the core of your “why” is crucial in obtaining balance in life. It gives you the perspective needed to recognize those aspects of life that are the most important to you, and gives you the clarity to be sure each is being properly addressed.
  • Where can I make adjustments? Awareness is the key. Simply be aware of what you truly desire, aware of the opportunities around you, and aware of how you feel when you are engaged in, not only activities that make you feel good about yourself, but those activities that throw you out of balance.

With this awareness you can make decisions that lead to the balance you desire. You are the authority in your life. Yes, there are outside influences such as difficult situations and people that can affect a decision; however, you ultimately make the final decision as to what you will or won’t do.

  • Am I willing? Gaining clarity on what you most desire and enjoy in life and how you can achieve balance to allow these experiences is just the beginning of the process. Now you have to answer the question of your willingness to do what is necessary to achieve and experience the balance you say you desire.

A quote I have been using for years in my coaching practice that gets to the heart of any achievement is; “Nothing works if you don’t”. You can have all of the information and tools necessary, however if you are not willing to do the work you will not have the experience you set out to have.

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Living in balance is a personal feeling and experience unique to each of us that cannot be described or defined. It is a sense of well-being and ease that we seek and enjoy when in the midst of it. In fact, while in balance we’re more alive, more productive, more energized, more motivated and more enthusiastic. Life itself is more enjoyable and exciting. And we are more enjoyable and exciting to be around.

All of this now brings us back to the business of being a successful business person and living in balance. Read the description above of someone in balance. Isn’t this the type of person you enjoy being around? Isn’t this the type of person with whom you would most likely want to engage in business and personal activities?

Doesn’t it stand to reason that if you are a “balanced” person more people would want to be around you? And from a business perspective, want to work with you? When you create balance with your life and work you create a happier, more productive, more enjoyable you.

Until next time,

Jim Phillips is an author, speaker and certified L.I.F.E.and business coach. For the better part of 30 years he has been an entrepreneur and business leader inspiring others to higher levels of achievement through his presentations and seminars. 

His true passion is the exploration and application of spiritual law as it applies to prosperity and overall quality of life. One of Jim’s gifts is his ability to help others understand and apply complex spiritual concepts to their personal life. This has lead to the development of his L.I.F.E. Coaching program. (LIFE- living in full expression)

Jim’s first book, The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression, is the result of a knowing that he had a very specific message to share of our connection to Divinity. This message was to be shared when the time was right, that time is now.

His second book, From Inspiration to Intention, delves deep into the theme of how we create our life experiences through our thoughts, beliefs and intentions, whether conscious of it or not.

Is L.I.F.E. Coaching for you? Let’s have a quick conversation and see. Schedule here.

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