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Is there Truth behind “fake news”?

By December 11th, 2017No Comments

As we approach the last few months of the year many will begin to reflect on the events of the year and the impact those events have had on our individual and collective lives. We begin to consider how things might be made better and what we believe we could have or should have done to make this so.

We see examples of those in leadership positions pointing fingers and casting blame instead of assuming responsibility. We see references to the past as if that somehow justifies current behaviors and events. We live in a time where much of what is conveyed through the media or attributed to this person or that source is considered, “fake news.” It has gotten to the point where it has become difficult to discern what is true and what is not. Deception, misdirection, bullying, harassment and fear are the weapons of our times, all of which are fueled by greed, arrogance, entitlement, a sense of superiority, thirst for power and fear.

Many reading this might think I am suggesting a particular individual or group, I am not. This epidemic is across the globe and is literally being brought to “light” so it can be dissipated and the truth allowed to shine. The truth is we are being shown high profile examples to bring as much awareness to these issues as is required for their dissipation.

Here is what I know to be true. The truth shall prevail and the truth shall set us free. As we see and experience a defense or justification of this or that claim, what eventually comes to be realized is that the Truth is the Truth and as such requires no defense. The truth of who we are and what we are capable of creating and experiencing removes any and all excuses for the behaviors we are witnessing and experiencing.

“The Truth requires no defense.”

The greatest example of “fake news” is the belief we hold about our Self that says we are powerless in how our lives unfold and how we impact the events of the world. As we gain greater understanding and therefore experience the Truth of who we are individually, we gain a greater understanding and experience of who we are collectively. There is one underlying source of all that is, of which we are each an expression.

At some point we will assume responsibility for our individual lives and therefore positively impact the collective lives of all on this planet. We will come to understand that we are all part of the collective consciousness that informs this world and that what we think, believe, feel and do is what results in our individual and shared experiences. We live in a world governed by a system of cause and effect. We have the power of free will to choose as we desire. What we don’t choose are the consequences of each choice. Living from and in truth increases the possibility that the consequences of our choices will result in what we desire to experience.

A basic desire we share as humans is wanting to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others. Events like those we have experienced during the course of this year bring this desire to the forefront as we question what is happening and whether or not we are or can make a difference, and if so, how?

Here is another Truth. You are and do make a difference, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Yes, some will say that is too easy an answer, where is the proof?

Most of us won’t change the world through a cure for a major disease or by leading a life such as Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama or Martin Luther King. And yet, who we are and what we do is just as impactful to those with whom we connect.

Those whom we consider world changers didn’t realize the impact they would have by being who they were and what they did. They did what they did because of who they were and in doing so had the positive impact on the world that they did.

We have a far greater impact on this world and the lives of others than we could possibly imagine. We might not be consciously aware of the difference because most often it will happen through what appear to be random, disconnected events that somehow come together to reach and benefit those for whom it was intended.

When world events take place and you experience feelings of hopelessness or helplessness, know without doubt that even though you might not be able to impact those directly affected by the events that you are making a difference. You do this by being who you are, wherever you are. If you were meant to be somewhere else, you would be. If you were meant to be other than who you are, you would be. You make a difference because you are.