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Happy New Year everyone!  Hard to believe but here we are at the end of another year. It is during this time of year that I take quiet time to reflect on who I have been, what I have created, and what I have experienced over the course of the preceding 12 months. Did I fulfill the intentions I set for the year or did some just fall by the wayside? And if they fell by the wayside, why? If I set an intention to be or do something, and I had the desire at the beginning of the year to make it happen, why didn’t it? Or better yet, why didn’t I make (create) it happen?

For me, and perhaps for you, what I discovered is that no matter how strong my desire if I am not willing to do what is required for the intention to be fulfilled it just isn’t going to happen.  As you consider this past year and more importantly the year that lies before you, how would you like it to unfold? What intentions will you set to create the life experiences you truly desire in the new year?

I suggest that you engage in a little 20/20 hindsight exercise that will help you gain clarity on your intentions as well as how it will come to be. It is important that if you have not spent time thinking about and setting your intentions you do so now as this exercise requires you to know what it is you desire to experience in the new year.

Now for the exercise. Fast forward to December 31, 2012. (Yes, we are all still here. There was no apocalypse on 12/21/12)  As you stand in that moment on 12/31/12 look back on the year that has just been. You have fulfilled the intention(s) you set. You feel empowered and grateful for all that has occurred during the course of the year.  All turned out better than you had imagined or initially intended.  As you look back, what has to have happened for you to be where you are feeling as you do on 12/31/12?  That’s right. Who have you become, what have you done, what has taken place that has resulted in you being who you are and where you are in this moment on 12/31/12?

As you look back on 2012 how willing are you to do what is required of you to make it turn out as you desire?   Not maybe, or I think so, but truly willing to do whatever it takes to make your intentions happen.  Here’s the point of this exercise. First of all it helps us gain clarity on what we desire. In addition, we gain clarity on what has to happen and more importantly, what we can do to make it happen.  If during the exercise you find that you don’t have the drive, motivation or willingness to follow through on what needs to be done, don’t set that intention. Doing so will only create frustration and disappointment.  Instead, set an intention(s) that you know you can and will follow through on.  This certainly doesn’t mean to lower your expectations so you can fulfill an intention, but be realistic based on what you know you will do. I believe our intentions need to be a stretch so we continue to grow, evolve and enjoy more of what life has to offer.

A benefit of fulfilling an intention, especially one that is a personal stretch, is that it creates
empowerment. When we are empowered we become more willing to stretch our selves resulting in new intentions that perpetuate this virtuous cycle of creation, personal growth and evolution.  But I digress..

Let’s take a quick look at willingness. Our willingness comes from our depth of passion for life and how we want to experience it. It is about embracing our potential, releasing limiting beliefs and going after all life has to offer. It is an inner knowing, an acceptance of what we are capable of experiencing, an expectation of the experience, and then creating it.

Willingness contains no reluctance. Everything necessary to bring about the desired experience is done joyfully, even if it makes us uncomfortable.  Some will say the sacrifice involved is too great a price to pay and yet when our passion runs deep enough there is no sacrifice. Far greater value is placed on that which we desire than the perceived sacrifice necessary to bring it about.

And finally, willingness is being available and receptive to our inner guidance, trusting that our true self will never lead us astray. For most this means becoming vulnerable to what we cannot see or touch. It is being open to new ideas, new information and in general a new way of thinking.  Willingness in essence is living from our imagination (potential) not our memory.

We demonstrate willingness by taking appropriate action towards that which we want to experience. It is in this demonstration that amazing things begin to happen and the Universe conspires to make all we desire come to pass.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

As you set the course for the upcoming year, be willing and be bold in its creation.  Take the steps necessary so that in 12 months time you will be looking back on the year that was in amazement at what you have accomplished. I wish you a most prosperous and Happy New Year!

Until next time,



  • Very good advice for starting the new year. Is it true, “as the first day goes, so goes the year”? I love the idea of thinking about the year to come now and planning as if it has happened.

  • Christen McCormack says:

    Thank you for these words and your exercise, Jim. It is all great and I really appreciate your blogs. They are in-depth and thoughtful.

  • Wonderful post. Helpful and inspiring. Looking back on 2012 brought me immediate feelings of satisfaction, joy, and the deep inner knowing that I am indeed expanding and growing, and serving my purpose. Thank you for your insight!

  • gregdekker says:

    Jim, it was a great pleasure to meet you in person, and to read these uplifting thoughts.

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