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[dropcap]What[/dropcap] if you couldn’t fail, then what? What would you do? How would you utilize the gifts with which you have been blessed? How would you make a difference in this world?

What if you discovered that the beliefs you hold as true are not, then what? What if the decisions you have been making against these truths have been taking you further and further from the truth of who you are, who you are intended to be and what you are intended to experience in this lifetime? What then? How far from the truth might you be?

Interesting questions, aren’t they? They are not being asked to cause doubt in what you believe but to question why you believe what you believe. This is important because we make our life’s decisions, both large and small, against the beliefs we hold, whether consciously aware of them or not. And each decision we make moves us in the direction of the consequences of that decision which then offers another decision and so on.

“Our LIFE experiences are our personal interpretations of the events of Life based on the beliefs we hold in that moment about our Self and Life”

From the above statement it is easy to see how a decision leads to the consequences of that decision, which in turn leads to another decision and then another. If the original assumption or belief is not true, then each subsequent decision moves us further and further from the truth. Keeping in mind that whatever we hold as true, is true for us, but it doesn’t make it the truth.

Below are three powerful questions that have been formed from statements of truth that I use in my coaching and various presentations. As you might imagine I frequently run into resistance when I make these statements because they remove all excuses as to why someone can’t create and live the life they desire.

I hear comments about how someone had a strong desire to experience something in their life but try as they may they didn’t have the experience. I am asked about folks who are born into difficult or dire circumstances where the appearance is they could never live the life they desire. 

The resistance usually stems from a limiting belief(s) one holds about themselves regarding who they are and what is possible for them. Once identified, we are able see these beliefs as what they truly are, nothing more than illusions.

As you read the questions I ask that you consider any resistance you might feel. Where does it originate? What beliefs do you hold as true that would prevent you from being open and receptive to the possibility of the statements being true?

As you experience resistance I invite you to ask yourself this question, “what if they are true, then what?”

  1. What if everything you need to live the life you intend is already available to you? What then? Would knowing this change your perspective of life and your Self? How would you feel knowing there are no longer any excuses for not creating and experiencing the life you desire?
  2.  What if you were capable of doing everything you desired to do in life? What then? Again the weight of responsibility is felt by most when considering this possibility. Could it be the weight of responsibility that holds so many back? If you knew you were capable of experiencing all that you desire in life, what would you do?
  3.  What if you knew and accepted that you were worthy of everything that you desired in life, what then? Would you be willing to do what is necessary to bring about the experiences you desire? Would you be willing to let go of the belief that the goodness of life is only available to others but for some reason life withholds its bounty from you?

Life is an equal opportunity provider. If we choose to be miserable we are given the opportunity to feel miserable. If we desire to be happy and joyful, we are given the opportunity to experience joy and happiness.

We all have our respective life’s journey based on what we are intended to experience in this lifetime. We cannot know the life journey of another Soul any more than they can know ours. We are each born into the life circumstances that are perfect for the life we choose to live. Therefore we are provided all that is required for that life. 

Let’s look at the three questions again, but this time reframed as statements of truth.

  1. Everything you desire from life is available to you
  2. You are capable of all that you desire to experience.
  3. You are worthy of all that life has to offer.

You might still feel some resistance as you read them, but consider the possibility that they are true. It is when we hold things as being possible that the magic begins and life presents opportunities to experience them as true.

What if …..then what?

Believing in all possibilities,


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