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Why Don’t We Ask Questions We Desire to Have Answered?

By February 9th, 2016No Comments

[dropcap]This[/dropcap] idea of “Why Don’t We Ask Questions” came as a result of conversations with several colleagues who write and speak on topics similar to mine. Most of us who write blogs are always looking for topics that are relevant to the audience for whom we write but also thought provoking and life changing.

You have probably noticed that many blog writers ask somewhere in their blog for topics or questions they can research, answer and present as a new post. However, what we find is that most people are not willing to do so.  

And yet, when we do write on a particular topic we get responses like, “this is just what I needed”, or, “I have been wondering about this.” Why is it that we are so unwilling to ask questions that burn deeply within us, the answers to which could literally be life changing? Is it simply a matter of, “I will know what I need when I see it”?

Here are three reasons my fellow writers and I came up with that we feel addresses this issue. And of course, at the end if you are compelled to do so, I welcome your comments, suggestions, and dare I say, your questions.

1. We don’t know what to ask? This comes from an inability to put into words what it is we really want or need to know. All too often we have a sense or feeling of what we want to know but can’t quite put it in words, and therefore, don’t ask.

We don’t spend enough, or any, time thinking about what we want or need to understand more deeply that can be revealed through our questioning? We allow the life we are living to get in the way of the life we desire.

Meaning, we are so caught up in the day to day stuff of life that we don’t carve out time during the day to consider what we require to experience and express our Self as fully and completely as possible. Asking questions, thought provoking, life changing questions can resolve these issues.

“Clarity comes through knowledge,
knowledge comes from asking questions.” 

2. We don’t want to appear ignorant by asking a question others might consider foolish or stupid. Ignorance is nothing more than a lack of knowledge. How are we to gain knowledge if we don’t ask questions?

True ignorance is when we don’t ask the questions that will provide us the answers we require to continue our experience and expression of Self.

We have all heard at some point in time that any question one of us might have is a question that many of us have. When you ask the question you are not only gaining the answer (knowledge) for your Self but for all who listen.

In addition, when one person steps up and asks a question it gives others permission to do the same. People will see that it is safe to do so, in fact, that it is exciting to do so. As a result of asking a question, greater in-depth conversation will commence bringing greater understanding.

3. We are afraid of the answer. We don’t ask questions because we are afraid of what we might hear. The answer might be more than we can handle or it might reveal something to us, about us, which we just don’t want to know.

And yet, a question that continuously arises is a question we have a deep, in many cases unconscious, desire to have answered. Otherwise the question wouldn’t persist in showing up.

When it comes to questions about life’s purpose and how we express in this world this fear stems from the innate knowing of how powerful we truly are. This power frightens us.

When we accept and live from the truth of how powerful we are we essentially remove every excuse for how or why our lives unfold as they do. We are then in responsibility for our lives and know that what happens in life is not something that happens to us but for us as a requirement for our continued understanding, experience and expression of our True Self.

“We don’t know what we don’t know, and won’t know unless we ask questions.”

Be bold, be courageous. And if you are unwilling to ask the question on your own behalf, ask it on behalf of all of us that are not as bold and courageous as you. Each question you ask opens the doorway to knowledge a bit more.

The more open the door, the more that can and will cross the threshold into a greater understanding, experience, and expression of the True Self.

Until next time,

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