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Have you ever considered how and why things happen in life as they do? Many believe there is a purpose behind everything that happens, yet struggle to comprehend a purpose behind a young child being stricken with cancer, or the senseless murder of an innocent human being.

The question of why life unfolds as it does was posed to me recently by a dear friend who over the course of the last several years has experienced major highs and lows on her life’s journey. As a result of her experiences she is questioning why she was presented these experiences at this time in her life.

It isn’t a question of why her and not someone else. She understands life is an equal opportunity experience where we are given the opportunity to experience all life has to offer. Her question is, why do things happen when they do?

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I don’t claim to have the answers when it comes to the unfolding of life’s events, however I will share some insights that can possibly shed light on this thought provoking question. What I want to make clear however is that most of what happens in life is beyond human comprehension and therefore difficult to explain.

There is a dynamic invisible intelligence at play behind the scenes that is responsible for the orchestration of life’s events and experiences. Each experience is for the “soul” purpose of living in full expression within the context of each event as we return to the truth of who we truly are.

There is a magic and mystery to life that we do not, and cannot, fully comprehend from our human level of thinking and understanding. And Why are these things happening to me?yet, the answer to the question is quite simple, but incomplete. Incomplete because it doesn’t address the human emotions and feelings that are more than a part of the experience, they are the experience. The answer isn’t intended to in any way minimize the impact of these experiences on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states. In fact, just the opposite is true. The answer illustrates the perfection behind the opportunities in life to experience the richness of each human emotion as we live in full expression.

The simple answer to the question is that things happen when the conditions for them are perfect. Meaning, that everything necessary for an event has come together to form a matrix from which the event evolves. What is not so simple to comprehend is the magnitude of all that comes together for an event to unfold.

The conditions behind every event encompass elements we could never conceive. Timing as an example, in addition to being the point at which all has come together for an event to occur, has conditions attached to it as well. Timing isn’t just as it relates to the main character for which an event unfolds, it is the perfect moment at which everything and everyone connected to the event can most benefit from the event.

Timing also takes into consideration our capacity to receive the experience of the event. We have all heard that we are not given something for which we are not prepared nor capable of handling. Isn’t it interesting that when we observe someone going through a difficult time we state that we could never do what they are doing? And yet, when we are personally going through our own challenging experience we just do what we know we need to do. Yes, we might question if and how we can do it, but ultimately we rise to the occasion because we are capable of doing so. And in doing so, we gain a clearer understanding and experience of who we truly are.

The perfection of each life experience isn’t just as it applies to those labeled difficult, it equally applies to those that are joyful.

Some might question the use of the words benefit or benefitted as they relate to challenging life events. It brings into question one’s belief about the purpose of life itself.  How this question is answered determines in great measure how life will unfold and be experienced by that individual.

Why are these things happening to me?For me, the purpose of life is the full experience and expression of each Soul as it journeys through the labyrinth of life to its full understanding and experience of who and what it truly is. Every experience, although at times difficult to comprehend, offers the perfect circumstances for this full expression.

“Life is perfect despite evidence to the contrary”

I believe on a Soul level we set specific intentions that can be met by the events that life presents, most of which we call to our Self specifically for that purpose. Additionally, we each play a role in the life experiences of others for the “soul” purpose of these intentions being fulfilled while living in full experience and expression of who we are.

Life is difficult, yet it yields perfectly the experiences best suited for regaining the truth of who we are. Observe what life is presenting without judgment, anger or fear, knowing it would not have been presented if it was not perfect for all concerned.

Until next time,

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