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Through the prosperity and spiritual coaching that I am doing I have noticed a common thread in several of my coaching clients.  For the most part they have clarity on what they want to create and experience in life, however for reasons known only to them (or not) they are unwilling to do what is required to bring it about. This might seem like a contradiction, someone has the desire for a specific life experience but they are unwilling to do what would allow them to enjoy that experience.  I believe if we all were to look back on our own lives we would find opportunities that we did not act upon because of our unwillingness, even though we had a strong desire for the experience those opportunities offered.

So consider where you are now within your life experience and how you would like it to unfold from this point forward, consider your willingness to make it happen. That’s right, are you willing to experience all that you desire? Are you willing to do what is necessary to bring it about? Sure you might have the desire which brings about the opportunity however it is our willingness that makes it happen. We all have many experiences in life that we desired but for any number of reasons were unwilling to do what was necessary at the time to create it. Unless we have a willingness to do what is necessary for what we desire it remains unfulfilled potential.

Willingness comes from our depth of passion for life and how we want to experience it. It is about embracing our potential, releasing limiting beliefs and going after all life has to offer. It is an inner knowing, an acceptance of what we are capable of experiencing, an expectation of the experience and then experiencing it.

Willingness contains no reluctance. Everything necessary to bring about the desired experience is done joyfully, even if it makes us uncomfortable.  Some will say the sacrifice involved is too great a price to pay and yet when our passion runs deep enough there is no sacrifice. Far greater value is placed on that which we desire than the perceived sacrifice necessary to bring it about.

And finally, willingness is being available and receptive to our inner guidance, trusting that our true self will never lead us astray. For most this means becoming vulnerable to what we cannot see or touch. It is being open to new ideas, new information and in general a new way of thinking. Willingness is accepting that what we see as truth today might not be tomorrow. It is letting go of what has not, and does not serve us in our desire for richer, more rewarding life experiences to that which does. Willingness in essence is living from imagination (potential) not memory.

We demonstrate willingness by taking appropriate action towards that which we want to experience. It is in this demonstration that amazing things begin to happen. It is when the Universe conspires to make all we desire come to pass.

 I appreciate the time you invest in reading these blogs post and hope they provide a great return on that investment. It is my desire, and yes I am willing, to share what I have come to understand that might be of benefit to you. If you have a topic you would like discussed in this blog  or if you have a question you would like answered please let me know. I will do my best to provide the answer or direct you to where you might find the answer.

I look forward to our continued connection.
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  • AnaMaria says:

    Willingness…. a lot of meaning in my life right now. Jim, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and optimism.

  • Kim says:

    …”trusting that our true self will never lead us astray”.. This is so simple and yet so difficult at times and very important to believe. We must tap into our “inner guidance” – once we do that, freedom from outside interference and pure choices. Great message Jim, from your loving sister.

  • Thank you Jim for this article.
    Right now I’m experiencing this willingness in several areas of my life. I’ve made several life-changing choices out of my willingness to enjoy life the most I can, even if it meant getting a divorce and selling my company to create a new one. However, I’m stuck in one area: my body. I have put on a lot of weight. Every single day I say, “Ok, I start diet and exercise today” and that’s as far as I get. The price to pay is still too high. Food is too good a friend at this moment. Any thoughts?

    • Jim Phillips says:

      Maria, thank you for the time you invest in reading my blog. I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated. Any thoughts? I do have thoughts, however it is not my thoughts that matter, it is yours. What are your thoughts about your current choices? What are your thoughts about the recent choices you made to move forward and the willingness you demonstrated to do so? What are your thoughts about the life experiences you want to create and experience? What are your thoughts, and more importantly your beliefs, about your worthiness to have the life experiences you desire?

      One way to look at where you are that I use with my coaching clients is this, “we become too comfortable in our discomfort.” In other words, things are not where we would like them to be but they are not “uncomfortable” enough to move us forward resulting in our unwillingness to do those things that would facilitate the creation of the life experience we truly desire.

      I hope you find this reply to be of benefit. It is difficult to address the issue of limiting beliefs in a few brief sentences. If you would like to explore this further you can go to my website at or email me directly at

  • Diane Frazier says:

    Jim, thank you as always for your messages. They always seem to arrive at the time when I’ve been seeking some answers… 🙂
    Here’s a question for you, How does one gain clarity, besides stating an intention and focusing on it every day? If you’ve addressed this already in a previous blog, maybe you could direct me to it. Thank you again for your willingness to share your wisdom and enlighten others! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Jim Phillips says:

      Hi Diane, great hearing from you. Thanks so much for your kind words and interest in what I am “given” to say, it is greatly appreciated. Clarity is a very important aspect of creating the life experiences one desire’s to have. My experience with clarity is that I spend time envisioning the experience I want to have in as much detail as possible, including the feelings associated with the experience I desire to create. The next step for me is awareness, awareness of what is happening around me and within me. What is happening around me that is supportive of the experience I desire? What choices am I making that either move me closer to the experience or further from the experience. What is happening within me, the thoughts and beliefs I have about the experience I desire to create? Are they supportive or are they limiting me in some way?

      Clarity is a process. The more awareness I have on these two things the more clear I become. As we release ourselves from limiting beliefs/thoughts to those that are liberating, the more expansive our imagination and the more clear we become.

      I hope this provides you some “clarity” on your question….

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