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Living Large is Living In Full Expression


A franchise is often described as a business in a box. Meaning that all a franchisee needs to be successful within a given industry is provided by the franchisor in the form of systems, tools and support.

Admittedly, not every franchisee or franchisor is successful but the concept is a sound one that works well when structured and administered properly. The key to success for the franchisee lies in accepting and implementing the systems while applying their own personal brand or style.

As an entrepreneur of over 30 years and a franchise owner for 25 of those years, I am very familiar with the workings and benefits of a franchise. During a recent early morning walk when my thoughts shifted from my business to my life it dawned on me that life is very much like a franchise.

We, as the incarnated Souls, are the franchisee, and the Divine is the franchisor. Our business, well, that’s this business we call Life.

As the franchisee we are each provided the necessary system, support and tools for our individual and collective life’s journey, regardless of a Soul’s chosen path. The Divine, our franchisor, offers all that is necessary to live in whatever manner we choose while fulfilling life’s purpose.

LIFE for each Soul comes neatly packaged in the form of experiences that contain everything— every opportunity, every potentiality, every situation, every consequence— that is necessary for the fulfillment of that Soul’s LIFE journey. It doesn’t matter what choices are made along the way, all is contained within that Soul’s LIFE franchise.

This isn’t to imply that LIFE is mapped out and we have no say in how it unfolds. It is quite the contrary. One of the primary tools included in our LIFE franchise is the gift of free will.

With free will we get to choose how we want to experience and express our Self in each unfolding moment. And yes, things will happen that appear to be beyond our control, however, how we experience our Self within the context of life’s events is not.

In business a franchisor doesn’t tell you how to run your business. It offers guidelines based on experience, research and best practices that can and will assure success. It is then up to the franchisee to make choices and take appropriate actions that result in the experience (success) the franchisee desires.

In LIFE, the Divine doesn’t tell us what to do either. Instead, we are lovingly provided for and guided while allowing for free will which gives us the power to choose how we utilize the systems and tools for our full expression in this world. And as we live in full expression in this world the Divine is fully expressed.

There are certain premises in franchising that when understood and embraced lead to a greater probability of success. All too often however, the greatest obstacle to success for a franchisee is the unwillingness, for whatever reasons; to follow the guidance and support they are given.

If you want to live large and enjoy all that your LIFE franchise has to offer you, I invite you to consider the following:

Premise 1. A franchise is a partnership and as such the franchisor has a vested interest in the success of each and every franchisee. The franchisee is an extension of, and therefore the identity of, the franchisor in the marketplace. As such, the franchisor experiences through its franchisees what it desires to experience in the world.

In the same context, each Soul is an extension of, and therefore an expression of, the Divine. It is through us, the franchisee, that the Divine, the franchisor, is fully expressed and experienced in the world. Through us the Divine experiences what it desires to experience and express in this world.

Premise 2. The franchisor provides everything that each franchisee needs for the fulfillment of its purpose. As a franchisee of LIFE we are given every tool, every gift, every possibility and potential that is necessary for the fullest experience and expression of our Self, which is LIFE’s purpose.

Premise 3. The franchisor is our greatest resource. Anytime a franchisee is in need of something the franchisor is compelled to provide it. It can be simple guidance, new tools, programs or experiences, or in more extreme situations, intervention. Keep in mind, as the franchisee succeeds, so does the franchisor.

The Divine wants each of us to fulfill LIFE’s purpose, and therefore its purpose, by our living in full expression of who we truly are. The key however is our asking for, accepting and employing the guidance and support we are given.

As you consider this business of LIFE, your LIFE, remember that you are the greatest franchisee on the planet backed by the ultimate franchisor. Accept and embrace all that you are and all that you are given. Apply all that you know and all that you experience and you are assured the fulfillment of your every desire.

To learn more about L.I.F.E. (living in full expression) schedule a FREE Legacy Session and discover how you can maximize your L.I.F.E. franchise.

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Like this blog post? Please share with others you know who might benefit.
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